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Sylvia Alegre

Real Estate Investor & Community Advocate

Dedicated to transforming lives through education and real estate, Sylvia is a resilient entrepreneur with a mission. As a real estate investor and independent contract marketer, she understands firsthand the challenges of financial setbacks, having overcome the loss of her home and other financial hurdles.

Motivated by her own journey, Sylvia embarked on a path of self-discovery and alternative education, realizing there was a better way to navigate the financial landscape. Armed with a positive mindset and a commitment to personal growth, she not only lifted herself out of distress but decided to empower others to do the same.

Fueled by the belief that prosperity, security, and integrity are achievable for everyone, Sylvia founded her own business. Her life's pursuit is centered on guiding individuals through financial hardships, offering education, positive mentorship, and a collaborative approach to real estate. Sylvia's vision is clear: to provide others with a chance at a brighter future, one life at a time. Through commitment, teamwork, and a determination to make a difference, Sylvia exemplifies the transformative power of resilience and community support.

Sylvia Alegre,
Real Estate Investor/ICM

Making Your Vision a Reality

Our Mission:   

Alegre Living is on a mission to establish more than homes; we aim to create safe havens that resonate with families and individuals on a profound level. Beyond the conventional realm of real estate transactions, we dedicate ourselves to positively impacting lives through creative strategies for buying and selling property.

Moreover, our commitment extends beyond the transactional to the transformational. Alegre Living is your partner in education and growth, guiding individuals in the creation of their own businesses. We believe that through knowledge and mentorship, our clients can achieve not just financial security but true prosperity.

Our approach is anchored in commitment, integrity, and teamwork. These values are not just principles; they are the driving force behind every decision we make. Whether simplifying real estate transactions or providing guidance for entrepreneurial ventures, we strive to make the journey seamless and enriching.

Alegre Living stands not just for real estate success, but for the holistic accomplishment of security and prosperity. Alegre Living is redefining the real estate experience and empowering individuals to build their futures, one safe haven at a time.


What We Value: 

At Alegre Living, our values are not just words; they are the guiding principles that shape every transaction and relationship we encounter. We are resolute in weaving these values into every facet of our business and personal lives, creating a harmonious synergy that resonates with our community, investors, entrepreneurs, and contractors.

Our core values—Commitment, Integrity, Teamwork, Security, and Prosperity—define who we are and how we operate. In providing service, sharing information, and building relationships, we uphold the highest standards of integrity, creating a foundation of trust through transparency and fostering win-win-win situations for all involved.

Alegre Living thrives on the spirit of teamwork, uniting our team and community in a common purpose. We highly value self-sufficiency and independence, empowering each team member to grow both personally and professionally. Our aspiration is to provide an environment where everyone can pursue their dreams and aspirations, living a life free from restraint and helping others do the same. As guardians of security and prosperity, we do so with unwavering transparency. Our commitment is not just to success, but to shared success. Alegre Living has great aspirations—to be successful and to help others be successful.

Our Commitment: 

Alegre Living's commitment extends far beyond the realm of real estate transactions. As we forge ahead toward the future, we are dedicated to inspiring the spirit of prosperity in every facet of life for all involved. For us, prosperity encompasses not just financial success but a holistic well-being that uplifts individuals and the community.

In our ongoing pursuit of a brighter future, Alegre Living actively works to bring success back to our community. This commitment takes shape through multifaceted initiatives, including education, inspiration, charitable giving, and comprehensive guidance. We believe that by empowering individuals with knowledge, igniting inspiration, supporting charitable causes, and offering guidance in various life aspects, we contribute to the collective success of our community.

Education is a cornerstone of our commitment, as we strive to provide learning opportunities that open doors to new possibilities. Through inspirational events and initiatives, we aim to uplift spirits and foster a sense of purpose. Charitable giving is not just a responsibility but a privilege, and we seek to make a meaningful impact in the lives of those less fortunate.

Guidance is our way of giving back, offering support and mentorship to navigate life's complexities. Alegre Living envisions a future where success is not an individual pursuit but a shared journey for the entire community.

Alegre Living commits to prosperity — a commitment that goes beyond business transactions and reaches into the very fabric of our lives and the heart of our community."

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